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How does everything work?

All of the pricing is based on the number of guests you have attending and the number of sides you choose. The pricing includes the hog, a secondary meat if you would like, sides, sauces and condiments. You can find the all inclusive price list here. The hog will be plenty big enough to feed the whole party, but you are able to add a secondary meat for up to 10% of your guests at no additional cost. This would be for folks who don't eat pork for whatever reason. If you wanted enough of each meat for everyone that is certainly an option, just give us a call or email us and we'll pass along a quote to you.


Do you cook the pig at my house, venue or business?

We cook all of our hogs between 18 and 30 hours.  We begin the process at our restaurant and then tow the roaster plus hog to the site of your event to finish the roasting in front of you and your guests.


How many people does a pig feed?

We order our hogs based on the size of your group, so there is no predetermined number of people a hog will feed. One thing we can almost always guarantee though, is leftovers.


Do you offer other meats besides the pig?

Absolutely, besides catering and hog roasting we also operate a highly rated full service restaurant and bar which features a constant rotation of slow smoked meats. Our specialties and most popular meats include the pulled pork, sliced beef brisket, andouille sausage and beer can chicken.


What is included in the all-inclusive price?

The all-inclusive price includes the hog, side dishes, buns, bbq sauce, heavy-weight disposable tableware, tax and a 15% service fee. You are also able to substitute up to 10% of the hog for a secondary meat or vegetarian option.


Are serving tables included in the all-inclusive price?

Serving tables are not included in the all-inclusive price. We prefer you as the customer, or the venue provide the serving tables. However, we do have linens and tables available for a small fee.


Are there any other additional charges?

The only additional charge that would be added to the total is a $25-$100 delivery fee depending on the location of your event.


Is gratuity included in the all-inclusive price?

Gratuity is not included in the all-inclusive price. We leave this to the discretion of the customer as to what they would like to tip the servers on site. Most groups add an additional 15%-20% to the total but it is not required.


Do you offer any vegetarian or gluten free options?

Absolutely, we offer several vegetarian options which can be found on the last page of our full catering menu. All of the hogs and bbq sauces are gluten free, along with many of our side dishes. If you are aware of any vegetarians or folks with allergies in your group, please make us aware and we will make sure they have a full meal that meets their restrictions.


Can I upgrade from disposable tableware?

Absolutely, we have a formal package available that can include china plates, stainless tableware and linen napkins. We also use and reccomend the Reflections imitation tableware, this is a disposable option but looks like the real thing.


What if I want a hog roast for a group smaller than 50 people?

This is certainly an option, typically the smallest hog we can get would feed 40 people but we've done roasts for groups as small as 15. Call (952) 233-7306 for pricing.


What if my group size is in between the numbers listed on the pricing guide?

The price guide is simply a guideline, we bill based on the exact number of guests.


What are my side dish choices?

We offer several side dishes which can be found here. Our vegetables change with the season but if there's one in particular you are looking for we can typically accommodate. If you have something in mind but don't see in on the menu just ask, we have an extremely talented kitchen staff who can create most any dish you would imagine.


Can I provide my own sides in addition to Mr. Pig Stuff's?

If grandma makes some famous beans we are ok with you serving them along side Mr. Pig Stuff's side dishes. For health department guidelines though we would ask them to be offered in a slightly separate area, and that you sign a waiver before serving.


How long will the servers be at my party?

Our servers will arrive 45-60 minutes before serving. Once serving has begun they will remain on site for 90 minutes to maintain the buffet line. So a total of 2.5 hours.


What if I want the hog to arrive earlier, or the serving time to last longer?

This is not a problem at all. Just let us know what time frame you would like us to be on site and we can accommodate. The cost is $22 per-hour / per-server for each additional hour over the 2.5.


How many servers will be at my event?

This is dependent on the size of your group, the size of your menu, the location of your party, and several other factors. We have several servers who have been serving roasts for over a decade and are able to handle a group of 150 people with a simple menu by themselves. If you would like additional servers on site that is not a problem, just let us know what your needs are. Rest assured though that we will provide enough staff to make sure your serving runs on time and everything stays full and hot throughout the event.


Do we get to keep the leftovers?

Absolutely, we'll package everything up in to aluminum pans for you or your guests to take home.


Do you take your trash with you?

We will take the pig carcass and any additional trash we have created with us when we leave. Other catering outfits will not do so claiming that it is against the health code, this is simply not true.


Do you clean up before you leave?

Buffet area cleanup is included in the service fee. If you would like assistance with bussing tables or any other cleaning give us a call for pricing.


Can I rent tables, chairs, tents or dinnerware from Mr. Pig Stuff?

Absolutely, although we would basically be the middle man. We work closely with both Prior Lake Rentals and Epic Event Rental. You can save a couple bucks by going through them directly, or you can save yourself the hassle by having us handle everything for you.


Do you require a deposit?

We do require a $100 non-refundable deposit to reserve a date for a hog roast. The $100 will be applied as a payment towards the final bill.


When is final payment due?

Payment is due upon completion of the event. If you are an established business or orginaztion who needs to request a check, or only makes payments on certain days of the month we are more than willing and able to work around your needs.


Do you offer Hog Only roasts with no side dishes?

We do. We are one of the only professional roasting outfits in the Twin Cities that has this option. We recomend against it as the value comes when you include the sides, but we are more than willing to do so. Call (952) 233-7306 for pricing.


How can I book an event with you?

Simply call us at (952) 233-7306, or email us at catering@mrpigstuff.com. We'll reserve the date for you right away and will hold it for 14 days awaiting your deposit. Once we reveive the deposit we will pass along the gurantee of service and contract for you to look over and sign. May thru October are extremely busy months and book up fast so the earlier you make your reservation the better.